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We started its operation since 1981, focused on hardware, paints, wallpapers, plumbings, Tools, GI Fittings, Gardening items & Kitchen Furnishing and accessories

We are known to be one of the most trustworthy and reliable forwarding business in Payyanur. We are the only Asian paints colourideas store dealer in our locality. With 36 Years of Service, our guarantee is to serve the colorful experience with our clients. We are constantly upgrading and innovating to provide the client with the best service possible when it comes to their clearing and forwarding needs. Our expert employees thrive with every job to give each customer the choice to make an informed decision that would best suit their needs and ease their mind.

Our Services

Having various lock systems for your Home


With a large collection of Hardwares.

GI fittings

We provide pipe fittings in a variety of designs and sizes.

On Time Painting

Providing On time painting with Asian Paint's Paint total.

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